The Project

Project Eliseg uses modern archaeological methods to investigate the mound on which the Pillar stands and their setting. The aim is better to understand this enigmatic monument and to discover more about the emergence of both Welsh and English early medieval kingdoms on the borders of Wales after the fall of Roman Britain.

Project Eliseg is co-directed by Professor Nancy Edwards and Dr Gary Robinson of Bangor University together with Professor Dai Morgan Evans and Professor Howard Williams of the University of Chester.

Project Eliseg acknowledges generous financial support from the following sources: the School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology at Bangor University, the Department of History and Archaeology at the University of Chester, Cadw (the historic environment service of the Welsh Assembly Government), the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies of the University of Wales and the Knowledge Transfer fund of the University of Chester. The work is being carried out by the directors with students from Bangor and Chester as well as local volunteers.

We are grateful to Cadw for consent to work on a Scheduled Ancient Monument and extend heartfelt thanks to the Davies family of Abbey Farm for granting permission to work on their land and the staff of Llangollen Museum for their unstinting help.

The Website

This is a new website constructed in September 2016, superseding a now-unavailable site (http://projecteliseg.org/).

This website gives you information about Project Eliseg, earlier research and the latest discoveries. There are also links to photo galleries and other relevant websites and organisations. We also include information about the historical context of the early medieval kingdom of Powys, early medieval stone sculpture and information about the archaeology of early medieval Britain (c. AD 400-1100). The website includes information and contact details for Project Eliseg’s directors.