Project Eliseg has collaborated with artist and archaeologist Dr Aaron Watson to create a short film – A Portrait of Project Eliseg – for display in the Summer House at Valle Crucis Abbey during the 2010 open day. Subsequently, Aaron has worked closely with Project Eliseg to refine his reconstructions of how the Pillar may have once appeared through discussions with early medieval scupture expert Professor Nancy Edwards.

Dr Watson is internationally recognised for his original, vibrant and distinctive portrayals of the prehistoric and early historic past, informed by his extensive expertise as an academic and field archaeologist. Examples of his other work on a range of archaeological projects involving two and three-dimensional art and installations can be seen on his website:

The image reproduced here aims to give a sense of how the fragment of pillar may have once been part of a striking cross bearing text, situated upon a mound in a prominent landscape location.

The appearance of the landscape and the mound are kept to a minimum and the precise character of the cross-head is inevitably speculation since no trace of it has been recorded or survives. However, this representation provides a vivid impression of how the early medieval monument could have appeared when freshly erected upon a far older burial mound.

Negotiations are currently ongoing with Llangollen Museum for Dr Watson’s film and art to be displayed in the Summer House within the grounds of Valle Crucis Abbey.