Joe Tong – 2011 media supervisor

During the 2011 and 2012 field seasons, Project Eliseg reported its activities and discoveries via a YouTube video-blog (vlog). The initiative of then-undergraduate student Joseph Tong, this provided a unique insight into the dig. Over the second and third field seasons, a total of 29 video vlog diaries were created. For the end of the 2011 season, Joe also created a season summary vlog of 35 minutes long.

Eliseg Media 2011 with Media Supervisor Joseph Tong

Project Eliseg, Season 2, 2011 – a 35-minute video directed and edited by Joe Tong summarising the work of the 2011 field season.For daily blogs for the 2011 season, click the following:

Day 1 – So it begins!

Day 2 – The landscape of the Pillar and a windy day for digging.

Day 3 – Tea, couscous and the logic of the video recording.

Day 4 – Through the backfill and community perceptions of the Pillar.

Day 5 – Excavating into the mound begins!

Joe Tong – with shovel and Pillar

Day 6 – The antiquarian activity relocated and itch relief.Day 8 – The Welsh week 1 round-up.

Day 8 – Week 1 round-up.Day 9 – A multi-phased monument and the geology of the mound.

Day 10 – Lord of the ring (ditch).

Day 11 – The tower rises, Cadw visit, the trenches get deeper and the ring ditch cannot be found!

Day 12 – The thin red line and burnt bone.

Day 12 EXTRA – cist of death!

Day 13 – The last day of digging and Rose Roberts reflects.

Day 14 – The end of days.


A Portrait of Project Eliseg

Film by Aaron Watson, music by John Was

Commissioned within the 2010 field season, this film was posted on our Project Eliseg Media YouTube site ahead of the 2012 field season. You can view it here.


Eliseg Media 2012 with Media Supervisor Joseph Tong

Day 1 – A music video-style introduction to the staff and volunteers of the 2012 season

Day3 – The backstory: a review of the 2010 and 2011 field seasons

Day 4 – A serious discussion about planning

Day 5 – A spoof daytime TV introduction to visiting the Pillar of Eliseg: make sure you visit the cafe!

Day 6 – Review of progress opening the trench and planning

Day 7 – Planning and photography of the monument, a discussion of the cairn and cists and the medieval/post-medieval finds as well as burnt bone

Day 8 – Cleaning and planning the cairn

Day 9 – Explaining the methodology of excavating the burial cist

Day 10 – Details of the excavation of the burial cists

Day 11 – The excavation of the small cist and an overview of the evidence so far

Day 12 – Update having finished excavating the small cist and planning to excavate the large cist found in 2011.

Day 14 – On the open day a review of the first two weeks of the dig including a review of the cist graves and a chance to see some of the finds. Includes a humorous commercial break and a brief swipe at Time Team

Day 17 – Summary of the final week of season 2 reviewing both the excavation and the topographical survey, plus views of the empty cist graves

Day 19 – War! What is it good for?